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What to do if 6 months ago I booked a venue for wedding reception but now they have canceled my function due to a double booking?

First, the attorney of your choice will need to read the contract...second, a little …


Shawn Jackson answered 2 days ago

What do I do if an insurance company denies a claim?

If an insurance company has denied your claim and the facts and law say …


The Longo Firm, P.A. answered 6 days ago

Once I reach a settlement agreement with the insurance adjuster, can I trust their release forms?

When the provisions of a settlement agreement/release are not fully performed, the parties can …


The Longo Firm, P.A. answered 8 days ago

What to do about a refund and an item that a store will not accept a return on?

First, chargeing back the item does not mean you win.  You can be sued …

PROFILE answered 9 days ago