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Can I sue my US based client if they have not paid off overdue bills more than 4 years old?

Depends on where the defendent is sued, and which state law applies. Some states …


The Dai Law Firm, PLLC answered 2 days ago

Can I sue a contractor I previously hired even if he is presently not in business?

  It depends on in what capacity you hired the contractor. If you hired an …


The Dai Law Firm, PLLC answered 12 days ago

If I file bankruptcy can they hold my husband liable in any way for my debts?

If they are garnishing you, they presumably have a Judgment against you.  If your …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 20 days ago

If my car was stolen and recovered, do I have a choice as to where I can bring it to be repaired?

Sure, it's legal, if that is what your insurance policy says.  Most people never …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 24 days ago