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If I'm out on bond and appear alone at arraignment and plead not guilty, can my bond be revoked if I am in compliance?

The short answer: yes.   The longer answer: yes and no.   Your question, …


Provda Law Firm answered 1 month ago

What options does a subcontractor have to get paid from a contractor?

The terms of your agreement with the contractor will dictate.  You likely have a …


The Longo Firm answered 5 months ago

Does an employer who has you as a 1099 employee on hourly wage have to give a 10 minute break after a 1 hour lunch break?

If your employer is telling you you can't take a break, then you should …


The Longo Firm answered 5 months ago

What are my rights to my father's house after his death if I've made the mortgage payments for 10 years?

Have you spoken to your father about the possibility of changing the deed to …


FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 5 months ago

Do I need to add someone to the title on my home?

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in California. First, at the very …


M.H., Member, California Bar answered 5 months ago