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If I backed into someone in a parking lot and their car was sticking out from their space, am I to blame?

If the other car was parked and you were moving, yes you are likely …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 3 days ago

Can I get DUI if I wasn't driving at the point of arrest?

Yes.  If there is probable cause to believe you operated a motor vehicle under …

PROFILE answered 4 days ago

Can I arbitrarily charge two customers a different price for identical service?

Always get a legal opinion from a lawyer admitted to the bar in your …


The Carlstead Law Firm answered 20 days ago

Are there any legal actions I can take against a former client who is delinquent in providing my annual 1099 form?

Why bother?  Report as income what this client paid you.  If you later get …


The Carlstead Law Firm answered 5 days ago